Virtual Reality

The first of the ten virtual reality centers in Spain. Inmotion is a novel concept “with which visitors can enjoy impressive experiences in any of the simulators”

THE LAST DREAM… Fly! Birdly’s intent is to realize the old dream of flying. With the virtual reality and technology of SOMNIACS have created a total and immersive experience that makes you forget right away where you are, to achieve the goal: Enjoy the freedom to fly like a bird and explore intuitively the skies.

You can Also Dosfrutar from futuristic motorbike races to engaging in space battles at the helm of a ship, going to get behind the wheel of a buggy in adrenaline-filled competitions, fans of these simulators and the general public You can enjoy these experiences of great realism.

Just 20 minutes from the Hotel Real Casona de las Housewives in Azofra you will find the Parque Rioja Shopping Centre for Leisure with the greatest offer and innovation.

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