Medieval Market of Santo Domingo de la Calzada

Once again, the magic of the Middle Ages will flood the streets of its old town, in the Medieval Market of Santo Domingo de la Calzada, which will be decorated and set to make visitors take a trip to the Middle Ages.

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‘The witches of Zugarramurdi’ comeback to Logroño.

The program includes about 30 activities, including theatrical performances, concerts, guided tours, storytelling and parades, as well as the ‘Market of Witchcraft’

This weekend with a program of activities organized by the Guardias de Santiago 1521 Historical-Cultural Association and the Centro Histórico Neighborhood Association in collaboration with the Logroño City Council.

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The Mycological Days of Friends of Ezcaray are back, whose 29th edition will be held between October 30 and November 7.

This last day the mycological exhibition will take place, which will be distributed through various streets to avoid crowds. The program, also as a preventive measure, follows from some events, such as the tasting of mushrooms and the culinary mycological workshop.

Link to the 2021 mycological conferences in Ezcaray

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Proposal for HOTEL REAL CASONA DE LAS AMAS in EL VIAJERO supplement of the newspaper EL PAÍS


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San Mateo festivities 2021

The festivals of marked popular character, whose origins date back to the twelfth century, and which, since 1956, have been nicknamed the Harvest Festivities, given the proximity to the dates of grape harvest, in a land marked by wine. They start this year without the rocket fire on September 18 and end on Sunday 26.

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La Rioja in autumn is a dream destination for many travelers – and for good reason! From the end of September until well into November, the landscapes change their colors with the harvest of the grapes, yellow, red and green leaves along with the coppery brown of their lands, presenting a spectacle for the senses.

V Days of the Cuckoo Fine of Torrecilla in Cameros

Torrecilla en Cameros celebrates this Sunday, November 24, the 5th Day of the Cuckoo fine and other legumes of La Rioja, with the aim of encouraging the local population to grow this unique vegetable, as well as learning experiences of other vegetables from La Rioja and the conditions and regulations of quality collective brands. Read More

San Bernabé festivities

The festivities of San Bernabé, Patron of the City, this year from June 7 to 12 and they recall the heroic defense of the people of Logroño against the French troops in 1521. Santo patrono of Logroño and remembered annually on these dates.

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Virtual Reality

The first of the ten virtual reality centers in Spain. Inmotion is a novel concept “with which visitors can enjoy impressive experiences in any of the simulators”

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Urban Planet

For the small and not so small, every day of the year arrives to Logroño Urban Planet, a huge park of jumps.

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