SPA at the hotel

Just relax and let us take care of you in our SPA

A private thermal spa circuit with Scottish shower for your exclusive use during one hour, ensuring a complete sense of well-being.

To complete this experience, go for a relaxing massage in your own room.

A good spa session helps one to cool down, relieve tensions, get rid of muscle stiffness, and eventually, to relax body and mind. The controlled action of water jets is an efficient way to enhance blood circulation and muscle relaxation. Their air injectors create thousands of bubbles, providing a pleasant tingling in your body, relieving stress and creating a pleasant sensation.

Appointment at least one day in advance and reservation subject to availability.
(They will not be canceled less than 24 hours in advance).

Salt water pool

Thinking that you feel like a fish in water. Enjoy our pool during the summer season and benefit from all the properties of salt water.

Suitable for the most sensitive skin, improves atopic dermatitis.
Does not irritate the eyes.
Gentle on your skin and hair.

(Services and pool exclusively for hotel guests)