La Rioja, under a sea of stars – Azofra starlight destiny

To See starry skies is a right that we can exert in La Rioja, which has been rewarded as a tourist destination for the quality of its skies.

We Speak of La Rioja, without going any further, which has just received the Recognition As Starlight tourist destination, place to visit with qualities for the contemplation of starry skies and the practice of activities that are based on this Resource.

In Addition, the organization has pointed out a couple of Rioja oasis to claim the right to see the stars.

These windows open to the firmament are the so-called Star Parks and are located atop a hill in Cervera Del Río Alhama (a population within the biosphere Reserve of the valleys of Leza, Jubea, Cidacos and Alhama), and next to the Laguna de Cameros, a small town located in the valley Of the Leza river, 50 Km from Logroño, with only 150 inhabitants.

Azofra, Village Way in the Heart of Rioja Alta, invites you to see the most spectacular stars in their magical nights. Azofra is one of the most top starlight destiny in the country.