San Bernabé festivities

The festivities of San Bernabé, Patron of the City, this year from June 7 to 12 and they recall the heroic defense of the people of Logroño against the French troops in 1521. Santo patrono of Logroño and remembered annually on these dates.

San Bernabé, one of the first disciples of Jesus of Nazareth, has ended up being the Patron Saint of Logroño by chance. The origins of the French invasion of 1521 must be sought in discontent of the population of Navarre because of its incorporation into the Crown of Castile, a situation that the French crown does not like either, an upset that is increasing with the accession to the throne of Charles I. These events are recalled annually through a series of rituals follow keeping alive in memory an event that is situated between myth and reality: like the particular procession in which the Mayor flips the flag in the places where the city gates were found, the salvos of the cannons or the distribution of the bread, wine and fish on the same door of the Revellín, built in the sixteenth century to commemorate the victory. The logroñeses dress in period costumes and participate in the s parades, Site Comedies, Siege to the City and markets during all the days of the Holidays.


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