Pringada party

You Can’t miss the Pringada Party!

Enjoy the authentic flavor of the olive oil, elaborated in the traditional trujales of Rioja, with the Festival of the Pringada. It is a tradition that continues to last until today, and is celebrated in several localities.

Once a year the Trujal brings together partners and friends to enjoy the traditional pringadas. This ancestral delicacy is made by toasting bread, on embers of Sarmiento. For later aderezarse with a good jet of extra virgin olive oil from the Trujal.

During the first three months of the year, the festival of the “Pringadas” is held in various localities of La Rioja. Tasting of slices of loaf bread spread with olive oil and roasted on the grills, with sugar above.

The Most traditional are the Préjano, Arnedo or Santa Eulalia lower.