Carnivals in La Rioja

Programming of the CARNIVAL OF LOGROÑO 2019

Thursday, February 28th (Thursday Lardero)

-18.00 to 21.00: Interludotecas Children’s Party (4-11 years): Time Travel. Messages for the future. Sports Gaunas

-18.00: Preñao Bun, Rioja wine, pasta, Moscatel and dance. Association of Friends of the Plus Ultra. Cultural Society Great Casino (Gran Via, 18, 6 º)

-18.30 to 19.30: Carnival in Young Centers (12-18 years). Tasting of tortillas and buns with chorizo. Traditional Carnival Music. Young Centers The Heel, The Bucket and Lobete.

-18.30: Preñaos Buns and hot or Rioja wine. Popular University of Logroño (Major, 46)


Friday, March 1

-17.30: Old People’s Party. Costume Parade, variety show. Luis Pardos Company, International Ballet. Silvia Fox, Vedette. Ana Maria Sancho, singer. Ivo, circus attraction. Disco Fiesta. Sports Center Las Gaunas.


Saturday, March 2

-12 to 14: Tragantúa de Carnaval. Market Square.

-17 to 21.00: X End is Saturday (12-18 years). Carnival Music, virtual costumes, workshops. 9TH Century Sports Centre.

-18.00: Carnival Parade. Gonzalo de Berceo, Murrieta, Portales, Once of June, Breton of the Blacksmiths, Wall of the Mata, wall of the Carmen, Wall of Cervantes, Avenue of the Peace and Square of the City Hall.

-20.00 H: Awards Ceremony for the winners of the Parade. City Hall Square.

-23.30: Costume Contest. Single-Couple (1 or 2 persons). Group (from 3 to 15 people). Market Square.


Sunday, March 3

-12 to 14 hours. Carnival Tragantúa. City Hall Square

– 19.00. Burial of the Sardine. Market Square


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