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Instalaciones de Spa Instalaciones de Spa Masajes Sauna

We have created a cozy and private SPA circuit with SPA, Scottish Shower and Thermal Bath circuit which takes approximately 50 minutes to complete and can be rounded off with a massage in the privacy of your bedroom..

To make your time in the Spa even more enjoyable we combine music therapy with aromatherapy to create a wonderful sensation of wellbeing.

The Spa has two pumps, one water and one air, with a unique system of jets that allows you to select from a wide range of massage combinations:

  • Turbo massage therapy: This has a whirlpool effect with powerful jets. It has a therapeutic effect and is fantastic for working on stiff muscles.

  • Air injection: this creates thousands of bubbles while at the same time releasing aromatherapy fragrances, producing a wonderful tingling sensation all over the skin, alleviating stress and arousing a pleasurable sense of wellbeing.

  • Rotary jet: This has a whirlpool effect and covers large areas of muscle.

  • Directional jet: This has four directional jets and the water flow can be adjusted to treat different parts of the body. It has a powerful, stimulating action and is designed to relax overtaxed muscles.


BOOK: SPA or Massage Service, Appointment is required (EXTRA SERVICE·PRICE)


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